Monday, July 28, 2014

30 Days to NOVA #5

Have you registered yet? WHY NOT?

Have you finished all the things you have to do to get ready for the biggest and bestest NOVA Open yet, Mike? WHY NOT?

There's a million things to do for us getting ready, and a million things for you to do in registering (PS did you know all swag bags get a pint glass this year?!)

 - 40K GT -- bigger and better than ever, sweet missions, awesome swag, custom-designed pairing processes to give you better, more fun games
 - DC Narrative -- More attendees than ever before, one of the most innovative, unique 40K events on the planet
 - 40K Trios -- Half Unbound, Half AdeptiTeam reminiscent, all awesome ... and on Thursday before the main events start!

 - 40 Seminars ... I mean, every subject under the sun, at all times on the schedule
 - Charity Lounge ... low price awesome high craft cocktails and craft beer all weekend along with major guests face to face, all in support of charity
 - Vendor Hall ... more vendors than before, carefully selected to offer a really comprehensive vending experience with great deals and awesome stock
 - Frontline Gaming Mats for sale ahead of time via the NOVA Open Store, save close to 20% by not having to pay shipping, and pick them up from Reece and the boys at NOVA
 - Corvus Belli special guest Gutier on site! Awesome seminars and world first reveals that you won't hear at GenCon
 - Malifaux's two lead designers - Mack Martin and Justin Gibbs - both on site! Awesome seminars with insights into how the game was designed. Also, we'll have some things you can ONLY find earlier at GenCon from the Wyrd booth proper!

 - Fantasy HEAVILY Revised and greatly improved, from terrain and guidebook to leadership and structure. Also, already sold out past 32 and racing to 64 again!

 - Warmachine/Hordes is a Warmachine Weekend Qualifier, and the schedule is more awesome than before ... with the event already crushing past sales records and nearly sold out for the second time on Full Warmachine All Passes

 - Blood Bowl night and day events, apparently to be attended by a gaggle of gamers form our very own home state capital to boot

 - X-Wing all weekend long, with the 501st in attendance!

I mean, there's just a lot ... I'm missing 50% at least of all the awesome going on

Plus, in addition to the NOVA Open Charitable Foundation armies being raffled to the global community of gamers, a compassionate force that's raising huge quantities of money with raffle sales (go spend $10 if you haven't, give back a little, you can do without that one blister pack for a week ... help out the Docs Without Borders who are busy risking Ebola infection and/or worse in the places worldwide we ourselves won't or don't go), there will also be a TON of one-off items for silent auction, ranging from radical dragons to entire Battlefleet Gothic fleets. You won't want to miss these at the Con.


  1. I'm all signed up and ready to go! This will be my first miniature styled event! (usually do magfest and pax east)

  2. I am ready, when are you picking me up?

  3. Hi Mike

    I suddenly find myself with a free last week of August and i'm tempted to come (i'm from the UK). I have no idea where I sign up/if there are spaces etc. Is there anyone I could email who could point me in the right direction?

  4. Will there be streaming the 40K even this year aswell ? :)