Thursday, May 22, 2014

Personal Rant - GW and My Vacations(!) - a Pictoral Rant

LESS THAN TWO YEARS AGO, I walked into this GW storefront and picked up the 6th Edition Rulebook:

This store is located here:

So I spent more than seven days wandering around said location and not ENTIRELY focused on one of the world's coolest cities:

Fast Forward (not even that much really, ahem) into the present.

I'll be downloading the new edition from the Black Library site tomorrow evening around 7PM or earlier, when it goes available for U.S. Eastern Time.

Then, the next morning, I'll be driving to beautiful Corolla, North Carolina, to stay here for a week:

Can't wait to spend some time there pulling my fingers apart to zoom in on the newest edition in order to dissect it effectively and efficiently for the upcoming 5th Annual NOVA Open.

All I can think of ... as I imagine myself stuck inside a book while I'm supposed to be having fun on the coast ... is this ...

Nevertheless, there's also some excitement, as rapid fire blogging shows.

The most exciting for me is the arrival of MSU in a big way to the game again, and that spells good things for tactical complexity and the minimization of "I'm going to micromanage this big honkin' unit" hammer. No matter how powerful or hard to kill, no longer can things like jet and beaststar contest the entire board at the last minute.

Gonna be an interesting few weeks .. ;)

FYI For prospective and registered attendees, the NOVA will have a full FAQ and revised Mission Catalog up by July 1 at the latest. We're aiming for a much more aggressive 2-4 weeks. Expect that things like Unbound will probably not be in, but one never knows until we really dig in.


  1. so you went to Amsterdam and "wandering around said location and not ENTIRELY focused"...sounds a lot like my trip to Amsterdam...for other reasons.

  2. I'm fairly certain that the new rules will entirely neuter my army (which, as tyranids wasn't exactly in the power catagory). Still, if my army still fits within the revised guidelines, I don't think I'm changing anything. But I may be mounting googly eyes, since they are now cuddly instead of killy.

  3. Pretty please let me bring my Revenant to the GT.