Wednesday, May 14, 2014

NOVA Open Updates - Also, Register Before CAP Prices Go Up in June - AWESOME GUESTS AND SWAG!

So a lot of things are going on with NOVA on the sponsor / vendor front.

First off, our vendor list continues to grow, and with standbys like The Game Room (infinite bits and used minis and the like) and The Warstore (discount goodies of all varieties), we've also got Grex Airbrush and Greenman Designs and Tectonic Craft Studios and more.

The Demo Alley we're adding this year is becoming crowded to say the least, with a host of companies yet-to-be-unveiled attending to show off their games. Drop Zone Commander is certainly included in this mix.

Malifaux is returning to NOVA in about as big a way as you could possibly imagine. We'll have limited goodies you can't get almost anywhere else, autographed rulebooks and art prints, awesome swag, the possibility of a Malifaux Mini in every single swag bag (remember, only the first 400 registrants get one, and those are about to be out!), and more. Perhaps more importantly, Malifaux's Lead Designers will be present, with Wyrd and a fantastic convo with the company's owner committing to helping us get Justin Gibbs out as well. Justin is the lead dev for Malifaux, and will be bringing an extra special bag of goodies of his own to hand out on top of all the other things already mentioned. In a lot of ways, the event will rival GenCon almost in terms of cool things to do, folks to talk to, and sweet rare swag to come by. Also, Will Urban of Urban Laser Craft is looking to hook EVERY attendee (swag bag recipients) up with NOVA Open laser cut scheme markers, and Malifaux attendees should get their own super swank mahogany laser cut scheme markers. These are all limited to first come first serve by event, so get off your keister and register!

Infinity is increasing its awesome support from last year in almost unbelievable ways. NOVA should be the site of at least one world-first Infinity Reveal. This will be something other than the typical big reveals to happen at GenCon only a couple weeks earlier. Furthermore, members of Corvus Belli's ownership are busily fighting over who gets to spend a week touring DC, signing things at NOVA, giving out sweet swag, giving a seminar on the new Third Edition and the cool aforementioned reveals, and giving free lounge talks over a tasty beverage in the Charity Lounge. I hear the current leader in the fight for that right is none other than Corvus Belli owner Carlos, aka "Bostria." This can't be confirmed yet :)

In addition to the sweet presence and reveals, there'll be some incredible swag for every Infinity attendee, and a very high likelihood of something special and new in every swag bag. Custom signed-for-NOVA Third Edition English rulebooks are also on the docket, plus signed artwork and more. It should be pretty incredible!

The NOVA Open Narrative has the coolest terrain you'll see at a 40k tournament ... anywhere. I mean, seriously. The Warlords Track of Day and Night games is going to be played on 16 custom tables creating Mad Max style wasteland, futuristic Urban, and extraterrestrial Lunar table sets, all thematically tied together and oozing with crunchy NOVA Narrative Universe goodness. This complement the already-radical DC Monuments we play on in the Narrative every year with their LED-lit craziness. There's also a hint of rumor in the air that the NOVA crew is hard at work conceptualizing and designing some ultra radical boutique boards ... not the least of which is a post-apocalyptic shantytown and a cross-sectioned crashed Virtue spaceship laid to rest in the asteroid belt (complete with low-gravity effects).

The NOVA Open 40K Events, Including the GT will be working with 7th  Edition, with FAQ and rulesets likely out within 2 weeks to a month of the release of the new edition. We'll be hard at work cracking it apart, including collaboration with folks like Reece from FLG/BAO/LVO, Tom and Pierre and more from the ETC, and of course all the awesome guys from other "NOVA Style" events such as Aaron Aleong of the Indy Open, Ed Miller of the Battle for Salvation, Jesse/Matt/Matt and co of the Kiladelphia Open, Neil Gilstrap of the 11th Company Open, Tim Royers of the Bugeater GT, and many many more (gosh I must be forgetting some, the Delawarr Open, the Redstone Rumble, I can't keep track of all the awesome events!).

We're under half our tickets left for 40K, and the CAP price for your con access increases in June. Get off your keister and register already!

If you aren't receiving it, e-mail asking to be added to the newsletter. We send it out on the 1st and 15th of every month without fail, and it includes tons of updated information, links to updated primers and rules, etc.

This NOVA Open is shaping up to be truly epic in celebration of our 5th Anniversary, with everything from industry special guests and epic tournaments to incredible seminars and brand spanking new "everybody gets to do it" additions like Demo Alley and the Tabletop Olympics.

Get your hotel room, get your CAP, get your event tickets, and get on out to the 5th Annual NOVA Open this August 28-31, 2014.

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