Tuesday, December 10, 2013

A 40K Tumult - Stay Cool and Roll Dice

This isn't the long post it could be.

Seriously, to all the TOs and players out there (with the exception of people running January events) ... stay calm.

We're in the middle of Dataslatecember, with a meta-critical Tyranid release rearing its head in the first week of January.

Calm the 'eff down and WAIT a second. This is especially true if your event isn't until like ... August / Sep / Oct / Nov. Kneejerk ruling on things NOW is not good, and smacks of impatience.

Just hang tight, folks. Let the game get through the next codex release, let people actually playtest the supplements of Dscalation and Voidshield Assault (since GW does 0 playtesting as far as anyone half-reasonable can tell), and if we're going to make changes let's do it as a broad band group in a reasoned way.

I reached out to most of the major TOs I could think of over the last month, and most have settled on a phone call to hash this stuff out come Jan after we have a chance to see Nids and all the Dec releases. This reachout list includes Feast, Bay, WGC, Adept, DaBoyz, 11th Co, BFS, Kila, Indy, Bugeater, Redstone, etc. If you want in on it too as a 50+ size TO just give me a holler (and I probably forgot people, sorry! Happy to have all!). No reason we can't take a reasonable look at all the different releases and issues in the game, and give attendees nationwide a reasonable set of expectations by which to invest in army purchases.

The last thing we as a community need to do is present 20 different restriction lists, thus requiring 20 different armies even if points are the same for people to be able to play at more than one event. Every event being different mission/format/etc. wise is good. Having to consider taking a Revenant for one event that's illegal at the next probably isn't.

No matter what happens among TOs, enjoy the holidays and stop wigging out. Seriously.


  1. This, sir, is the most well-reasoned article on 40k I've seen since all the craziness began. Good show.

  2. Great job Mike at organizing this T.O. summit on 40k's nuclear escalation. Hopefully Nidz will bring some alignment in the system.

  3. http://www.dakkadakka.com/dakkaforum/posts/list/567609.page

  4. I reserve the right to wig out despite the status of my enjoyment of the holidays!

    Well done, Mike!

    Dropzone Commander looks really good, by the way! :)

  5. Continuing the mantra... Give it a few weeks or months n literally let it play out before a decision.... Keep calm and carry on!

  6. Any advice/help for the 12-24 man local tournament organizer? :D

    1. I am an e-mail away, if you would like any advice.


  7. Dude... they locked your thread! Anyway, ban That Guy, Threepio, oh, and of course, GW minis. All of 'em. Unless they have Chapterhouse bits on them.

    Malifaux eh? Hmmm, I still need to paint my Ortegas. Lay a few batreps on us when you get the chance.

  8. I'm playing in the 11thCo. tournament this January. I was happy to receive an emailed poll on whether or not the competitors wants SA/Esc/Etc. Being a relative newb who is working out the kinks of playing let alone competition play - I was happy to hear this. I'm all for fair gaming, especially if money is on the line and especially when I've already invested hundreds if not thousands into my first competition army.

  9. Hi Mike, please keep myself, Tom and/or Dakeryus for the WSB / ETC broadband. At least one of us will make the effort to attend/contribute.