Friday, November 29, 2013

New Logo - Gracias Mr. Reidy

So I received a contact from Thomas "Goatboy" Reidy the other day informing me my site logo wasn't up to the task ... and how could I disagree (it was blurry, I did it on photoshop one random day)?!

A little texting back and forth and he was off to the races. I gotta say, I can't complain about the result! He even did the Tyranid in my own Hive Fleet's colors, with NOVA and Whiskey40K tones to match!

So a quick shout-out and thank you to Thomas ( Now if only I knew how to properly build and design this blog so everything fit perfectly together! "Goatboy" is a well-known internet blogger, tournament attendee, cheery fellow, miniature painter, carrying case painter and overall commissionable artist with a passion for our shared hobby. Check him out if you haven't!


  1. Looks like he is making his rounds along the blogs. Now I feel like I need a cool blog cover picture.

  2. Glad you liked it Mike. I am somehow alright at drawing space wolves haha.

  3. I thought I had gone to the wrong site initially. It looks really good.