Monday, November 4, 2013

Narrative Army Tweaks - Optional Adjustments

The DC Narrative Team is in playtest mode for the next couple months working through a sort of optional comp.

Players who participate in either the full on or night-only components of the Narrative will be able to "activate" Narrative-sync'ed versions of their Codices. These are only optional - people who want to play with their basic dex are more than welcome to do so.

As a reminder, the Narrative enables all components (more or less) of the 40k Universe, including FW armies, 40k-approved-units, Horus Heresy lists, etc. Pairing and advancement structures people toward similar power levels and list types, so it manages out the possible imbalances fairly effectively.

The goal with these changes, the first of which we'll sneak peak, is less to try and make the game somehow perfectly balanced, and more to engage a limited and manageable number of optional tweaks that enable people to play alternate or popular/desirable aspects of their codex in a less-hamstrung way. Example: more effective Deathwing/Ravenwing/Dark Angels ... or non-Serpent-Spamming/Jetcouncil'ing Eldar.

Thus, first two "past the first playtest and into v2 of expected several more" test tweaks; feedback is welcome, but keep in mind tweaks are meant to be limited (And thus easy for attendees to process/anticipate) and fairly broad in their impact; you'll also notice things that are meant to somewhat prevent "more broken" builds (i.e., the 0-2 limit on Avengers in the Wraith aspect Eldar option):

Aspect of Implacability (those Virtue who refuse to acknowledge what has happened to them and their compatriots)

Aspect of Piracy (those Virtue who have adopted realistic acceptance of what has happened, and taken on an “every superhuman alien immortal for himself” outlook … to also include mercenarial / allied races better equipped to handle the outcome of the 2nd war)

Aspect of Insanity (those Virtue who have been so horrifically scarred by what they’ve witnessed that they are incapable of coping beyond falling to the worst antithesis of their race … murderous, horrific and utterly insane)


Aspect of the Van (Generally oriented around speed and aggression, the various recon, advance and vanguard components of Humanity’s forces)

Aspect of Retribution (Those Human forces who have fallen most deeply into pure hatred and vengeance over their near-extinction at the hand of the “Virtue”)

Aspect of Experience (Hardened veterans who’ve kept their cool over time, and are intimately familiar with how best to engage the various forces of the Virtue still active in the Solar System)

Eldar v2
All Eldar
- Fortune: The unit gains d3 re-rolled saves; these persist and stack with subsequent rolls
- Serpents: 80 Points; Serpent Shields are an Option, for +50 points (15 point net increase)
- All Eldar Units - +3” Movement; Run D6+1”

Virtue - Aspect of Piracy
- All non-Wraith units gain Hit and Run
- All non-Wraith units gain Haywire Grenades
- The Crimson Hunter gains a 3+ Evade/Jink save, and costs 120 points base

Humanity - Aspect of the Van
- All Wraith Constructs gain the Jetpack unit type; Wraith Knights remain as Jump
- The Hemlock gains Holo Fields and AV12, and costs 120 points base
- Dire Avengers gain “0-2” in terms of the # of units that may be selected

Dark Angels v2
All Dark Angels
- All Dark Angel “Infantry” or “Jump Infantry” models in Power Armor gain the “Relentless” USR
- Any Dark Angel model that does not move in the Movement Phase gains Twin-Linked on all of its ranged weapons until the start of its next Movement Phase
- Blacksword Missiles are resolved at S8 against enemy models with the Skimmer, Flyer and Flying Monstrous Creature special rules

Virtue - Aspect of Implacability
- All Terminator Armored Models without the “Independent Character” special rule are Scoring
- All “Deathwing” Terminator, Knight and Land Raider Models may select any options from their Unit Entries at no points cost

Humanity - Aspect of the Van
- All Models on Space Marine Bikes without the “Independent Character” special rule are Scoring
- All Models on Space Marine Bikes may re-roll the dice to determine arrival from Reserves, and gain the “Acute Senses” special rule


  1. Wow, that actually looks quite good... Takes some of the major complaints about 2 of my armies (good and bad), and looks like it would be a fun one to actually play out... Good Luck!

  2. Aspect of Hatred. Suicide death scouts! Scouts gain hatred everything.

  3. The fortune fix seems overly complicated.

    So you cast fortune and get D3 re-rolls on saves. Is this per turn, per shooting attack. Then they carry over to the next casting? (Persist and stack)

    I might just go with Fotune: Models in this unit may ignore a failed save on a 4+.