Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Battle for Salvation 2013

Why aren't you going? Join the caravan if you don't have people to go with. I know of floors, couches, and air mattresses for rent if you don't have somewhere to stay. If you aren't going to another tournament or attending life matters, there's little excuse not to make the affordable and fun trip to the Palisades Center and get in on the action.

We've even got NYC day tripping action available for your ladyfriends to connect you with so you don't have to take a hall pass. That's right, ladyfriends befriending other ladyfriends!

I resist the urge to take a year off, or trek out to Feast of Blades, every year ... in order to both reciprocate the good will Ed and Bob and Dan and the rest of the BFS crew have always shown me ... and also in order to get together with the massive group of very cool people who always make it out for the event and have a few brews and great social times every break and evenings at the many venues available within the Mall.

So seriously, it's like 3 days away, throw together whatever list you happen to have painted, drop a few bucks on one of the last couple remaining spots, and come on out!

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