Friday, June 1, 2012

VIP Bags and Completed DC Monument #1 - Native American History Museum

VIP  Bags are Now for Sale, info and links at the top of the newsletter (linked on next line)
Newsletter is Now Up for June
Our Chief Appearance Judge and Amazing Artist, Geoff, has Completed his Rendition of the Native American History Museum.

FYI THERE ARE ONLY 50 VIP BAGS TOTAL SOLD THIS YEAR, AND 25 ARE ALREADY GONE! We literally opened sales a couple of hours ago, and half are sold out. Grab while you can.

You guys have seen work-in-progress shots of the NAH Museum for some time now, here's the mock-lit final (all of our monuments will be fully LED lit by the time of the event).

For those who'd like to play a more interesting theme for the DC Narrative, your boards will often have pieces just like this as central points around which combat will occur (YES, these are intentionally huge, to help create a cinematic feel ... not necessarily a balanced game board!).

I already know one Necron attendee for the Narrative is planning 3 Doom Scythes to give his army that "Independence Day" feel!


  1. GORGEOUS. So impressed with all the details.

  2. My hat is of to you, that is awesome looking.

  3. As an architect from the UK, I have to say that this looks *awesome*! Can't wait to see the rest of your efforts.

  4. Wow, that really is great! I bet the full-size NAHM would be happy to store/display it between events!

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