Thursday, May 24, 2012

Terrain Moves Forth, Plus a Sample LOS Center Blocker for 2012

A lot of what I'm going to hit up here is from our most recent Road to the NOVA post:

We've made several advancements to terrain this year, alongside our drive to become fully self-sufficient (no borrowing, from anyone, for any reason).

First and foremost, as I've said before, we won't be using our large hills as CENTER blockers this year. They'll be in diagonally opposed corners.

A sample of a fully painted / finished center blocker can be seen here:

Second, we've dramatically improved the painting process for our pieces, upgrading to airbrushes for most of the paint work (then drybrush/etc. for highlights and flock), i.e.:

This gives a WAY more gorgeous base color pattern and approach, and also makes it much easier to add contrasting colors to the base grey than we did last year. These pieces are far-ish from completion, but the point is - we're going to have not only way cool and interesting terrain, but attractively painted terrain to boot.

A final note, a sneak preview on a near complete (final touches, LED lighting, etc. still to go) Lincoln Memorial done by Kevin Kovarcik (our webmaster/communications guy, and a HELL of a talented artist) to act as a centerpiece on one of the DC Narrative Tables this year during the evenings (does not conflict with GT, go sign up, it's built to work for both competitive and casual players alike, with table assignments, missions and pairings all oriented around list / playstyle).

To give you a sample of Kevin's work, plus a look at Infinity, check out the Remote Presence Blog (click on the pic), done by our Infinity guys (including Infinity tournament lead, Kevin C.):

Enjoy the update; should give you an even better idea for what to expect at NOVA 2012. Look for primer packets, and shots of sample tables, on or around June 1.

 - Mike


  1. Those look great. I think you could improve the terrain pictures by including models, and taking some pictures from the "model's eye view" of certain popular models like Space Marines, Razorbacks, Vendettas, etc.

  2. or you can improve them by placing "unicorn boots" in every single picture you ever post from now on mike


  3. The terrain is amazing. I wish the Nova Open was closer to the Pacific North West.

  4. That LOS block would hide an Exorcist or Land Raider, and obscure a flyer.
    Only thing i'm not 100% sure from the pic (though leaning towards yes) is whether or not a Monolith would be 100% hidden behind it.

  5. That is some real nice looking terrain. The Lincolm memorial in particular is pretty awesome!

    ----Colm Corbec

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