Sunday, March 25, 2012

More Terrain, Emergency Rooms, and AWESOME "Monumental" Sneak Previews

So, regrettably, I wound up not participating in our 2nd March terrain build yesterday; a serious deep throat viral infection nearly shut my airways, and sent me to the ER by halfway through the afternoon. I gotta say, nearly minute-long episode of not being able to breathe in the middle of the ER waiting room = both a great way for docs to rapidly pay attention, and a terrifying experience to have to go through.

And all I have to show for it is a stupid bracelet

BUT, while tha twas going on, some seriously awesome terrain was yet again being put together into its nascent stages ... so without further adieu, a few more shots of what the crew threw together at one of our bi-monthly terrain builds for NOVA 2012.

And of course, you always need some Ork terrain ...

All of the above bears more insight on the value of precision hot wire foam cutters + pink foam, as well as the value to "sprucing" up pink foam and foam board terrain by stretching the resources gained by plastic kits and commercially available molds.

Finally, as some of you have paid attention for, our Narrative evening event this year will feature recreations of famous DC monuments, that in the end will even be fully lit with LED's.

See if you can figure out what these two awesome W.I.P.'s are going to be ...


  1. very cool! that narrative terrain is going to be amazing!

  2. Native American Museum ftw! Crazy!

  3. DIY Tracheotomy. Just sayin'. (Too soon?)

    Good to see non-Imperium terrain cropping up though. Has anyone searched for plans for non-imperium terrain? Warseer and a few other sites have sections for that sort of thing.

  4. i see someone has a birthday coming soon :)

    and the terrain looks good too !

  5. Get well soon, Mike! We're sending you good vibes (Counts-as prayers in Hippie lists)

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