Monday, March 19, 2012

Colonial GT Incoming - Warmachine/Hordes Slots Still Available

Chris Nanry, who runs the Colonial GT event and goes by the username "mastermoulder" around the forums, is one of the first organizers I frequently spoke with when starting up the NOVA, sharing tickets/badges back and forth, and the like.

The event is coming up in a couple of weeks, and a lot of the players who attend for Fantasy and 40k (both sold out) come to the NOVA Open, and many other events around the New England / Mid Atlantic region.

Warmachine Slots are apparently still available for this well-run and vintage event, and I suggest checking out their website, and their forum post on Dakka for detailed information on prices, events, prizes, and the like.

Prizes seem especially cool, including high quality fully painted warjacks, tons of N.I.B. prizes and cool custom trophies.

Tickets are available for single days, or the whole weekend, so you can attend based upon availability.

I always hear good things about the Colonial, and it's another of the many events within easy drive of me (including SVDM, Mechanicon, DaBoyz, BFS, Conflict, etc.) that I always wish my schedule would let me attend when they happen ... one of these years!

The website can be found here:
The Dakka thread is here:


  1. A few of the MD/VA PG's are headed up, we can help coordinate rides if you're interested in coming. Drop me a line at and we'll see what we can put together!

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