Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year, Registration Open - All Events, Narrative Info Upcoming, Sorry for Delays!

Happy New Year, and Happy Holidays to everyone.

2011 saw the NOVA Open go from a 40k and Fantasy GT with 128 players doling out about $6000 in prizes to a full on multi-system vendor containing 400 attendee $40,000 in prizes convention.  We're looking to be even more awesome in growth in 2012, with a lot of time spent also polishing and refining the events we already offer.

The entire NOVA staff will be joining to help felt sideboards and tables this upcoming Saturday, in fact ... SIDEBOARDS for you to put your displays and minis and dice and snacks and drinks and the works on while you game.  Plus, yet more room between you and fellow gamers.

As for the blog, while I had a terrible December in terms of finding room to post ... we went from just over 100 followers to over 250 ... and I'm grateful to have you all reading through this.  Anticipate an ENORMOUS upswing in content for the new year, and new authors.  More importantly, look for everyone to help shape and provide input on the development of our new evening gaming system for 40k and other events ... new missions, new formats, new stylings and new plans for you all to help us shape in the same way you as a readership helped shape the development of the now worldwide-used "NOVA Style" of gaming and tournament design.


Warmachine/Hordes, Fantasy, and the NOVA Open 40k GT ALL SOLD OUT IN 2011.  Please make sure to grab your tickets while you can; over half of our 40k GT registrations so far are from NEW ATTENDEES - nothing guarantees prior attendees a spot; first come first serve!

Those who are on our e-mail newsletter, look for a fancy newsletter heading out later today; those who are not, e-mail and ask to be!

Best regards for the New Year all  ... I'm STOKED about what's ahead for my personal life, and for the NOVA ... it's really become a passion of mine, and of the entire NOVA staff, as we've watched everyone really fall in love with the event each year, and have a blast while there.  It's nothing short of our driving spirit to see everyone have another fantastic time this year ... and I also can't wait for all the fabulous times and fantastic memories and friendships I'll build with the NOVA crew and staff getting ready for the next event all winter, spring, and summer.

Next up on the posts, we have an introductory blog post from our Flames of War Tournament Organizer, Scott, and a massive post on the Narrative Event for 2012.  You will ALL love this - it's built for everything from soft and casual gamers to hardcore competitors, and perhaps most importantly, for your friends and family.  Ever have a spouse or a good buddy not want to come with you to your gaming weekend?  Well, they'll be able to support and drive the crafting of the narrative story and the success of their spouse or friend's assigned faction by participating in a PHOTO SAFARI of Washington, DC on Saturday, September 1, while most 40k attendees are participating in the 4-round day of the GT.  This event is an effective guided tour of some of the touristy awesome and local-known-only best spots in DC, one taken by solving the riddles and puzzles of the challenge, and getting your photo taken at the key spots contained within.

Anyway, much more to come ... can't wait for 2012.

Thanks ALL of you for making 2011 the great year it was.

 - Mike

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