Sunday, January 15, 2012

5th Edition vs. 6th Edition for NOVA 2012; PSA


Just a quick PSA in response to a few questions we've received.  The NOVA plans to play this year as the last major national GT for 5th edition.

The only way this will change is if 6th releases MUCH earlier than July (or even June), because we don't want players who are already committed financially and otherwise to suddenly have to make odd choices about army changes, etc., nor do we want to have every game hung up with "everyone, even the judges, are still learning all the odd rules questions people can come up with."

This is also in part due to the fact that all information we have access to states there's no substantial evidence for what rules will be in 6th at present.  The Leak as far as our homework and person-to-person networking can say is not a leak at all, but a fake (or at the very best, an extremely early Alpha full of rules that have since been removed).

So, prepare for the NOVA's 40k GT, Invitational, and Trios event with 5th edition in mind.  The NARRATIVE may take pieces of or even entire games from 6th edition *if* it comes out in time, for certain playertypes (i.e. narrative singles vs. doubles).

 - Mike


  1. I recall asking you this a few months ago and you guys were still on the fence. Good to see it's been resolved :)

  2. I am curious what your take is about the new Imperial Guard FAQ, specifically relating to whether Chimeras are part of the Platoon relating to deployment. Seems like you either break Dawn of War, or you break Al'Rahem...

  3. Assuming that the final 6th edition contains changes designed to offset the advantages of going first... If 6th edition comes out within month before NOVA 2012, then I suggest a compromise:
    - use the 6th edition rules for deployment, reserves, first turn bidding, and stratagems;
    - use the 5th edition mechanics for terrain, move, shoot, assault, and units.
    This compromise would allow players and judges to fight with the rules they know while reducing the random advantage of going first.

    NOVA is already pretty good about using scenario scoring systems to encourage a balance between objectives and kills. You may consider using 6th edition scoring systems as well -- the rumored systems likewise encourage balance.

  4. There was a post on this blog detailing MVB's belief that going first is countered by removing variable game length. I thought it was quite well written.