Tuesday, December 21, 2010

WhiskeyNOVA Forums - Soft Opening

Well, we've populated and put up zee forums.

The link will be updated sooner than later to something along the lines of novaopen.com/forums

For now, it is http://nova.tlsconline.com

Trying to keep the forum count and focus low and sharp for now; I ask that you head over there and participate in or start up intelligent discussion on a subject of choice.

There's also a very nice shoutbox ... lots of functionality and readability; and there's an arcade with over I think 500 games in it ... and a tournament feature for the games, so you can actually run and participate in arcade tournaments.

The purpose of the forum besides updating information on the NOVA Open, and creating a better article reference / repository for this blog, is to focus on tournament theory and analysis, as well as event posting and critique.  I'd like to see event organizers that post their events there to include rationale and function behind the choices they've made for format, size, venue, etc. - it does attendees good to know these things were well thought out, and not simply hijacked or (even worse) ill-thought out.

I'm not trying to revolutionize the forumsphere here - I'd rather see intelligent conversation move to the forums, and if enough of it goes there, great :) ... if not, no sweat; we already have Dakka, Heresy, Bolter and Warseer, and I'm really not interested in recreating that.

Depending on the kind of turnout we get, we may work on a membership feature as well, creating high level discussion forums for deep argument / discussion, between forum posters who've "earned their stripes" via enough constructive contribution.  I can also to a limited degree create subforums for other tournaments and the like who wish to have a forum central point to go to and talk about their event - this offer especially extends to tournaments on the NOVA Invitational track who don't have forums of their own or have ill-visited forums of their own.

Anyway, so there you have it!


  1. Great work. I know that getting stuff up and running is always more work than most people seem to think.

    Time to mosey on over I think.

  2. While I'm sure it'll be a little slow ramping up, it's been great so far in that almost every post has been ... well, relatively erudite. I'd love that to keep up.