Monday, May 17, 2010

Odds & Ends ... Travel Woes, Podcasts, Comp Talk, BEACHES, etc.

Ok, so a few things going on ...

First, watched my younger brother gaduate from Nova Southeastern University's Law School yesterday in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. I'm sensing a NOVA theme going on ... but it's not at all related to the name of our tournament.

Interestingly, a "nova" refers to a cataclysmic explosion or ejection of gas from the surface of a star, resulting in a brighter star. Or I think that's what it refers to more or less, hearkening back to my physics in HS and college. It comes from the Latin "nova" ... which refers to "new."

I could play interesting word games connecting a word that I use to refer to Northern Virginia to a possible expression of a bright new approach to tournaments and how to run them for the enjoyment and betterment of all ... but I won't (yes, I just did, you're super quick!).

In any event, I got caught at the airport waiting on the crew of our airplane to be ... flown on another airplane from St. Thomas ... and didn't get to sleep until 430 am this morning, and here I am at work pounding out some critical product. Hmmm ... tired.

In any event, some interesting things went on while I was away I guess ...

1) I've been invited to be interviewed on the 11th Company Podcast, which based off my listening so far has a pretty high production value and a wide variety of opinions present. Whiskey and the NOVA are mentioned in the Community section of their 17th cast, which is so far only up on the RSS Feed. In any event, I would check them out ... seems like good stuff, and appear to be based out of South Carolina. I'll be participating in the interview Wed night, but no idea really when it will actually pop up. HERE IS THEIR WEBSITE.

2) Speaking of the Carolinas, I'll be mostly MIA from blogging next week, May 22 - 29, as I'll be with 18 guy and gal friends at an insanely massive and awesome beach house in North Carolina, in the Outer Banks. This is a really nice, snazzy place, as most of us are upwardly mobile / successful working adults/professionals, well beyond the slumming of collegiate beach weeks. As such ... big nice fun snazzy time ... that basically replicates the drinking shenanigans of slummy collegiate beach weeks. *shrug* It'll be great!

3) Here is a link to a discussion of our tournament format with some superficial objections from local posters. I think I do a pretty good job answering them ... but that's largely b/c the objections represent a lot of shallow-think that you still see present in the hobby, from people who are just ... I don't know, angry at Ard Boyz and grey minis and so take it out on any tournament that doesn't have Composition, Funtimes, and Yogi Bear plus Booboo in the title. So I guess instead of the NOVA Open, I should call it the HAPPY FUNTIMES YOGI'S COMPOSITION OF BOOBOO'S BEAR ASS TOURNAMENT OF LOVE AND PEACEMAKER BOMBS. Cool tourney idea, no doubt, but my point here is not to poke fun at these folks - simply to suggest that everyone give more thought to what they suggest AND what they deride. I think the Open has components that actually appeal to these objectionists more than most. Use your brains folks, think really deeply and critically about what you think and feel, and establish positions that are eminently defensible. It can be done, and it grows your approach closer to "right" and less embedded in rampant opinion. I'm doing everything I can to make this tournament appealing to ALL practitioners of a hobby. Give me a chance to, trust that I actually care about all ya'll's opinions ... it behooves me to. The more styles of gaming enthusiast and hobbyist I can appeal to, the more of you will pay me $50 to come attend my event. You see how this works? I get paid to be open-minded and open-armed. I get punished if I make my tournament too narrow in its scope (either with over-the-top hyper-competitive doucheyness, OR with comp-whoring closed-minded "play 40k the way I think it should be played and not how it is written" ... ness).

4) I'm not gonna lie. We have thousands of dollars of stuff to give away, we'll probably be able to add catering (food + beverage, dudes and ladies) to the stuff you'll get at the Open, you're all going to get swag bags, there's going to be a live podcast brews and gaming night the evening BEFORE the Open with "celebrity" match-ups of big-name internet tough guys, and there's going to be a Final Four with everything on the line the day after the Open. I'm going to be "basically" chucking things like Land Raiders helter skelter around the conference hall to random prize winners, so you can win shit even if you don't ... win shit. Our 40k event may fill really soon, but I may open more spots if it does ... our Fantasy spots NEED to fill ... and we are even in talks about warmachine or something. SIGN UP PEOPLE ... I really want to see as widespread and awesome a crew as possible there, I'm going to give discounts to NEXT YEAR'S Open registration to everyone who attends this year, and next year's is going to be EVEN bigger and better, approaching a convention style event. So, seriously ... sign up. Spots will run out, and then YOU can't come ... and that would suck for you. Especially when we sign on even more sponsors and wind up with $6 or $7k in total prizes and swag. Just saying.

5) OH, and I don't make any money on this, we don't. Every single penny we make from registration fees will be spent on one of three things:
a) Catering (free food for you guys)
b) Venue fees (well, not really, that's paid for by now, but you get the point)
c) Prizes and Swag
Unlike probably every other event out there, or most of them at this scale, I basically invest my own money forward each year, relying on your attendance to reimburse me ... instead of over-charging you for what you're getting in order to "fund" my future plans or line my own pockets. So please come, b/c I need to keep the lining I already do have right in my pockets where it belongs ;)

6) A little shout-out to our sponsors so far ... some of them haven't confirmed exactly what they are sponsoring us with until closer in to the event / final registrants list / etc., but these ones are all formally on-board for ... sponsoring :)

And many more are "in talks" (I mean MANY more)

On the fence about the Open? Comment with your questions!
Further thoughts on comp and the reality of being able to build an event that caters to ALL fairly and evenly? Fire away!
Random other conversation or jokes or whatever? Seriously, feed me comments, gratify me! I kid ... kind of.


  1. That reminds me, I need to buy my ticket.

    That'll be a fun drive :P

  2. Just my 2 cents...
    Don't now the numbers, but it sounds like you are not getting alot of folks signing up for WFB. I am sure this is to do with the new edition and no solid rule set for the tournament. What was the reason for not going with 7th edition?

  3. If I may, Equinox...

    It's a fair question, and one that was discussed on this blog earlier. Mike actually offered it up to many of the WHFB players to discuss, and we've heard a lot of feedback that 8th edition is the one that people want to do. There are a few reasons why:

    1. It is, technically, beyond the traditional four-week waiting period after a new army book comes out. Granted, this is a completely new edition, but the cutoff needs to be made somewhere.
    2. If we use 7th edition, this opens up a whole new bag of worms. People have made their decision on 7th, and may dismiss the tournament entirely simply because it’s not rules that they like or they are used to. With 8th edition, there is one rule set: the book.
    3. Regarding the last point, our ultimate goal is to find a rule set that caters to ALL fairly and evenly. Everyone will have access to the new edition rules, and this doesn’t aim to discriminate any army, unit or player arbitrarily.
    4. The Vegas GT will be using 8th, and eventually tournaments will be going to 8th edition. One tournament is going to have to do it first. Since this is the first NOVA Open, the first with a scoring method of its kind, why not have it be the first in 8th edition as well.
    5. As Mike previously mentioned, there is a veritable fortune of prizes to be won at this thing. No one is going away empty handed. If there was ever an incentive to play in a tournament with a new edition, this would be it.

    That being said, there will be a WHFB primer coming out very soon, similar to the 40K primer that Mike developed. Once I get my hands on a preview copy of the book, I’m going to be reading in voraciously to construct a primer to send out to everyone. The goal is mid to late June, before the book even goes on sale.

    I hope this answers your question.

  4. Also, I know it's been mentioned before, but should be mentioned again. I believe they will be relaxing the painting requirement for fantasy since they realize that 4 weeks isn't really enough time to not only learn a new addition, but make adjustments to your army and have it fully painted in time.

    I wish Mike would get off his lazy ass and update the web page to reflect that ;)

  5. Sadder than ever I am unable to sprout wings, and live off solar energy.

    If those were the case, then I would fly my models over the Atlantic a bit at a time (I'd still get tired...) and stay at Chumby's for a day or two to recover before we had our road trip down.

    Yep, and I'd win, beating Stelek, Chumby, and others en route to my glorious crown. I'd sell the swag, and use it to buy a plane ticket home (less tiring) because I'd still have to work, despite eliminating the need for food, to get more toy soldiers etc.

    I think that's this thread's quota of 'Random other conversation or jokes or whatever?' :)

  6. Tell you what, make it over the ocean and I'll throw something special extra in your swag bag.

    Like an American Flag pin or something.

    I'm serious!

  7. If I sprouted wings, I'd expect more than a badge! :p

  8. Now you want a badge, too? Demanding mfer.