Thursday, March 30, 2017

The Questions Begin: "Is NOVA Going to Use 8th Edition?!" Well ... what 8th Edition?

AdeptiCon, by all reports, was another amazing time. I wanted to attend, as usual, but had to fly out to Vegas the week before for a bachelor party. This is the same reason why I didn't make it to LVO (hard to attend Vegas twice in a month's time, hard to attend Chicago merely 2 days after getting back from another trip). Next year.

Per my last article, and to focus in on it, the Games Workshop design team previewed some potential future game mechanics at AdeptiCon. They also shared that they've interacted with myself, Reece and Frankie from LVO, and the AdeptiCon team to run some of these ideas by us previously. While that's all true, the community went a little wild with it. Based on all the rumors flying about with regard to 8th Edition, the community made the [understandable] connection that "these potential rules being thought about = sneak peak rules from 8th edition."

To be clear, as far as any of us are concerned, there is no new edition announced or immediately forthcoming. There could be, but we don't know [unfortunately] any better than the rest of you. Nevertheless, the announcements and subsequent community reaction caused a mass # of questions to begin to fly our way, all generally asking: "Will NOVA Open use 8th Edition 40k?!"

Well, what 8th Edition? This question has more value than simply the rhetorical side of it. The way we answer depends heavily on variables we have no idea about at this time. Is it going to be a massive change? Is it going to drop in June or August or never? Is there even a new edition? Until these are answered, it's impossible for us to subsequently answer that question when it comes in with any degree of meaning or clarity.

But what I will provide is some rough guidelines to how we think, as a way for people to have a clue how we will try to progress if there is in fact a big something special brewing from GW. I'm not really sure there is, at least not in time for NOVA, but best to be prepared.

1. This happened to us 2 times before, where GW dropped a new edition the summer before NOVA. In both cases, we went with the new edition. That said, in both cases we had at least 2 months to prepare.

2. There's a large difference on the impact on primers between a mild revision like 6th-7th, and a massive change like 5th-6th. How big a change is implemented whenever GW does update the game again will directly impact the time we need and the types of changes we'd need to implement.

3. We aren't going to be able to provide any kind of firmer answer with present information beyond "We're planning for an AWESOME series of 7th edition events, check out your primers for rules." If something changes, we'll be right on top of it, and we eagerly nom up and analyze all the rumors just as much as or more than you guys! We won't be caught off guard, at least no more than anybody else.


Carry on!


  1. A more important and pressing question is will there be Shadow War: Armageddon events!?!?!

  2. In light of recent revelations, this is a very cagey post, Mike :)

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