Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Limited Edition Gaming Mats at NOVA; Free Shipping F.A.T. Mats at NOVA (by Frontline/Tablewar)

Couple of Mat notes and some REALLY AWESOME artwork ...

You can still preorder F.A.T. Mats for pick-up at NOVA from, saving you the cost of shipping. F.A.T. Mats are produced by Frontline Gaming / Tablewar.
Presales end on August 20 and you CANNOT purchase them on-site

Additionally, the NOVA has a couple of limited edition NOVA Open tagged mats that were crafted for this year in X-Wing and Magic: The Gathering. As of now, these can ONLY be acquired on site at the NOVA and will only be available in limited quantities!

Magic: The Gathering; art courtesy of former NOVA Intern Andres Jiminez; mat courtesy of Ebenezer's Emporium:

 X-Wing: Art and mat courtesy of Ebenezer's Emporium:


  1. Will EE offer the NOVA limited edition Malifaux mats for sale?

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