Monday, February 3, 2014

Registration Update and Narrative Codex Supplements

Registration for the NOVA Open began this past weekend and was a HUGE success in terms of records. We set records for ourselves in sales last year, and over the weekend we registered more sales than all of February 2013 combined!

We also sold out our SuperNOVA (formerly VIP) bag program, and have already built a wait list. Feel free to use the waitlisting capabilities now active at if you want to get on the wait list should any prospective attendee w/ a SuperNOVA bag drop and wants to sell it.

We sold more than 20-25% of our slots in many events, and even more than that in the Narrative event. Nearly 40% of the Warlord Track Narrative slots are gone - so hurry up! Interestingly, people have been registering evenly for Humanity and The Virtue - it's neck and neck.

For those in the know and those not, Narrative attendees this year are able to activate OPTIONAL supplements for the codex of their choice built and internally tested by the Narrative team, with consulting insight from numerous GT-winning gamers to pre-identify "accidental breakages."

We're looking for input on these, playtesting, etc. Also, they may provide refreshing new looks at different codices and ways to play the game for people getting tired of the dominance of the same old same old within their regular play group.

Feedback welcome:


  1. Definitely looking forward to trying them out! The Blood Angels ones look really fun.

  2. These supplements look awesome. I would actually encourage you to make them for both IG and orks right away, as I think it occurred to a lot of people that they wanted to use these rules for their own campaigns and even tournaments. Y'know, if you're willing to do a little extra work for the community. ;)

    I will note I did find an error -- The Tau: Piracy power gives Vespids Move Through Cover, but they already have that. (it's why you can use them ,as jump troops, in buildings so freely)