Monday, September 30, 2013

BFS Impending and ...

2000 points, 3 hours rounds, NOVA format. I'm torn between two choices.





  1. Wave Serpents, I feel with Grav Guns, Tyranids with lots of Tervigons are going to suffer.

  2. Depending on how things like the Skyshield's rules are interpreted, the Wave Serpents can be pretty silly (overpowered)... So, going to have fun or looking for the win?

  3. I actually don't particularly like the state of 40k at the moment, so I'm going for the fun; one can never go to an event like BFS *expecting* or planning to win.

    When I was trying to "meta" all the issues out there, I found myself with Njal in a Land Raider alongside Swooping Hawks and a half dozen Wave Serpents.

    The Eldar list will probably include wraithguard, hawks, a crimson hunter, war walkers, and a half dozen wave serpents plus a farseer and some jetbikes, with the farseer being my only nod (read: misfortune) at things like Jetstar and Screamer Star.

    I'm completely unfazed by Farsight/Ripstars.

    1. PS - I still like 40k, and 6th Edition, but I think we're in a rough spot presently in between some critical codices for pushing game balance around to the proper spots.

    2. Also bring, Eldar. Better match-up for me. :P

    3. Which codices do you think would correct the balance? I was under the impression (and I think others had this thought as well) that Codex: Space Marines was the balancing agent.

    4. Codex space marines won't do as much about the competing imbalancers like screamerstar + jetstar + ripstar + serpentspam + tau kroot/sky/rip spam all present in the same "meta" as well as folks would like. Grav gun armies don't do much to jetstar / screamerstar, yada yada. The game is presently a little too extreme on the RPS front, IMO; I do believe popularization of Nids by what is hopefully not a dramatically shifted Dex (i.e., keep SITW as is more or less), and release of a couple of impending dexes, will provide enough of a balancer.

      What you ideally want is an army that can handle psy-boosted / 2++ re-roll type deathstars without having to do anything oddball or extreme, to depopularize them and push people more toward TAC builds. Such builds will inherently handle things like serpentspam/etc.

      The wild cards are the 2+ reroll lists that even some very good TAC builds can't do much about presently; something needs to be added to the mix to depress the current encouragement of their inclusion, so players aren't having to work their butts off problem solving and oddball playing every Tom, Dick and Harry who decides to copy one of those.

      It's important to conceptualize, most of all, it's not about any one build and "can it be beaten up." Of course they all can, many ways, but it's very difficult right now for almost any dex to properly tool for facing all of the super popular builds, and that's actually unprecedented in the last 8-9 years of 40k.

    5. Exactly. And as a result of not being able to build a TAC list of any kind which can reasonably except to actually be TAC in the current tournament environment, this instead then encourages you to build an equally extreme list instead such as taking your own 2++ re-roll variant, your own crazy death star, etc. in order to hope for the most positive match-ups...

      and this then has the side effect of creating a very "un-fun" game of 40K. If you bring your that you like to play, and you run into army, the game you are about to play is going to be tedious at best and an exercise in futility at worst.

      If, for example, you haven't had the sheer joy yet of playing against a Jetseer or Screamerstar with a 2+/re-roll, or a crazy nigh invulnerable Ripstar, it's hard to really understand the tournament meta's effect on the game at the moment.

    6. That's precisely it. If the next few codices don't fix it, I think you'll see a lot of very reasonable TO's looking at something comp-ish, i.e., "no unit can ever have a 2+ re-rollable save."

      I'm not saying we're there, just that the discussion may start to arise.

      The issue, again, is that you CAN build a list that will tackle those guys, but not necessarily a list that will tackle them AND still be TAC for the majority of lists out there. It becomes a crapshoot hoping you don't run into the "bad," regardless of points level (in fact, it gets worse at lower levels, b/c you can still build those extreme lists, but your options in TAC are reduced).

    7. Thank you gentlemen. That was quite an enlightening answer.

    8. I agree 100 %. I hate to say this but.....msu might be best way to deal with these deathstars and compete with other types. It helped me greatly

  4. As much as I hate to say it, I vote for Eldar. With a bug list like you have, you /might/ get to turn 4 and I'm guessing turn 3 would be more realistic. 3 Turn games are not fun, plus you leave with a aching lower back.

  5. Mike i like list 1. plus the serpents look so perty


  6. You know I'll vote for the nids - it might be the last hurrah with a mostly competitive codex ;) They're due for a flop, and they've proven they can deliver on that mark many times.