Monday, November 12, 2012

Quick Congrats - NOVA's Finest Rocking at National GT's

Four friends and NOVA Volunteers headed to a couple of different GT's this weekend, and I wanted to give both them and the GT organizers props.

Andrew Gonyo and Eric Hoerger went to DaBoyz GT. Andrew won the whole thing, and Eric placed highly while going 4-1-1.

James Watkins and Jon Pryts went to the 11th Company GT. James won the whole thing, and Jon placed highly, going 4-2 in the top bracket alongside James.

Congrats to four great people on representing themselves and the DC area well at two of the finest and best-run GT's in the nation. Congrats to DaBoyz and 11th Co on another successful year.

More blog content coming later today!

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