Thursday, August 2, 2012

40k Draft Final Mission Packet + News, and TERRAIN IS DONE!

The NOVA Open is 1 month away.

To be precise, in one month it will be over ... the ticker to the right shows you where we're at.

Every last one of our events is crushing last year's sales. That said, there's room (if only a little) in every last one of them as well.

Why haven't you registered yet?!

Also - grab a spot in the hotel please. Our blocks are starting to dry up on certain nights, and you won't be $85/night in the DC area. You're also shorting yourself time-generated raffle tickets for $1,000 cash, based upon how long you stay in the hotel, and how far in advance you reserve a room.

We've cleared our minimum room block, a month earlier than we did last year. This is huge for event organizer woes and peace of mind.

The DRAFT Final Mission Packet for 40k is linked HERE. These missions and rules reflect how you'll play the missions for the Invitational and Team Tournament as well. Draft final packets for the Trios, Narrative, and Invitational will nevertheless be forthcoming most likely by the end of this week.

FAQ - Waiting on rumored Friday GW Rules FAQ to release final version of NOVA FAQ v6th.1

You are welcome to offer further input on the missions should you so desire, but do not anticipate too many more changes at this point, if any. They've gone through the playtest ringer, and we're very happy with where we're at. We've also incorporated 6th Edition Mission Components for all but Missions 1 and 8 in terms of modifying the way the "standard" 3 goals function. Read carefully, and enjoy preparing. Aside from polish, these are the missions you'll play, in the order you'll play them, on August 30-September 2, 2012.

The 40k GT is a RARE event this year. With over 200 attendees (and a max of 256 slots) in the GT alone, it's one of the largest 40k tournaments in the world. Furthermore, it's happening within 2 months of the release of a new edition. There is no meta, there is no well-understood nature of what's good and not good. It's a very unusual circumstance for something to happen ... the timing to align in this fashion. By the time we get to the later GT's of 2012 and the first GT's of 2013, the internet will be much more aflame with the "new" meta and what the game really means, and really is.

YOU could help define it.

While we are already planning on adjusting and using Forgeworld in the GT for 2013, it's out for 2012 (GT, Invitational, Trios). That said, it's IN for the Narrative event, which has both a Competitive Track and a Casual Track in terms of player preference.

Find the opportunity to game on some of the most gorgeous terrain you'll ever see, including recreations of DC's iconic memorials put together by the best of our terrain crew.

Check out the 
for an idea of what to expect. You can play in the Narrative in ADDITION to the Invitational and GT, or many of the other events we have.

Seminars - Justin McCoy is an EXCELLENT instructor, well-regarded and the owner of Secret Weapon Miniatures. He gives seminars all around the country every year, and we're lucky to have him. We've also structured the recurring instances of his FOUR Seminar types so that you can attend all of them alongside/throughout your schedule for the GT or other events during the weekend.

Painting Competition - YOU SHOULD SIGN UP FOR THIS. The prizes are amazing for the 6 category winners (vouchers from Secret Weapon, and a $300 top of the line Grex Pistol Grip Dual Action Airbrush, their Tritium line). This is a Crystal Brush Qualifier, and Cool Mini or Not will pay for your plane flight to AdeptiCon next year if you win Best in Show.

Warmachine/Hordes - Games and Stuff in Maryland is sponsoring this competition, along with many of our other sponsors, and Privateer Press. The swag is excellent, the Press Gangers who run this are highly regarded, and it's fast becoming one of our biggest events. Sales are crushing last year's totals, and individual events are filling up fast. WM/H activities go on throughout the weekend.

Flames of War - We're a national qualifier in just our first year, and these spots aren't lasting. The 1750 event is a major tournament, two-day affair with only a handful of spots left. the 1500 event is a Friday affair that will let you participate in other activities throughout the weekend.

Infinity - There are literally only 2-3 Infinity spots left (someone just told me they were registering, hence ... "2-3"). Then they're gone. You can play in both the 40k GT and the Infinity event, or any number of other activities alongside Infinity.

VENDORS - WE HAVE OVER 10 NOW ATTENDING. Grex Airbrush, Spikey Bits, Warstore, Larry's Legions, The NOVA Open's own store, Five Hour Energy, Shadow Horse Studios and Glass Eye Pony Photography, Tectonic Craft Studios, Games and Stuff, and more are all going to be here!

Make sure you're making the best of your weekend - snag your hotel rooms while $85 rates still apply, sign up for some of the side events, and I can't wait to see ya'll in just a few weeks!


  1. *defines meta from an ocean and continent away*

    Do I get a prize?

    I look forward to seeing how the modified H&A goes and the slight tweaks in general for 6th edition. Why'd it have to be on a weekend I'm playing myself *mutters about not even being able to watch live feed*

  2. The terrain looks awesome! I cannot wait for the Narrative!

  3. Hola Mike! Would we get a more definite ruling on:

    Thanks! Terrain looks amazing thus far! :)

  4. Still no final FAQ Mike? You can't wait on GW indefinitely...

  5. Doing my best here, TKE - actually working on it during work hours right now.

  6. I thought from what you said it was already finished - if that's not so, then I retract my statement.

  7. I was wondering how the Grand Strategy ability would effect GK allies. Does "your army" simply mean your GK detachment or does this include allies?

    1. Anonymous,

      I think yunshan answered your question. The answer to if the grand strategy affects allies is "I dont know buy RS Gold how many of you have me to your chocolate".

      Just tell that to anyone who questions you at the grand tournament, lol.

    2. Grand Strategy at present can be used on Allied Detachments. I don't know if GW plans on FAQ'ing it further than that, and we won't preempt the action.

  8. Hey mike,
    I see it says "no forgeworld"; does that include the units that specifically say 40k legal? I'm running a pre-heresy list and although I will run my contemptor dread as a reg dread if necessary it would be nice to play with it as a contemptor in my 40 model force :P

    1. No FW rules for the 40k GT this year. You could still freely run it in the Narrative (which can be played along with the GT), which has competitive and casual components to it, depending on your prefs.

      We will likely move to the 40k legal stuff next year, if GW moves forward with its rumored vocal push of those rules toward the mainstream. Just not enough time this year to adjust for FAQ's/issues/player-prep/etc. for that alongside the brand new edition.

    2. While I don't own the books, my understanding is that it doesn't say '40k legal' in as many words. Additionally, nothing removes the disclaimer at the start of the book stating permission is required.

      While this may well change at some point, I think *expecting* it to change is something that might just leave you disappointed.

    3. Roger that Mike...

      @Theking...under "classifying entries in this book: [This unit is intended to be used in 'standard' games of warhammer 40,000 within the usual limitations of codex selection and force organisation charts. As with all all our models these should be considered 'official', but owing to the fact they may be unknown to your opponent, it's best to make sure they are happy to play a game using Forge World models before you start.] I may not be "happy" facing 9 wraiths and 3 Doom Scythes in a pick-up game but as far as tournaments go it's official and legal so let them have at it and enjoy themselves; I'll improvise, adapt and overcome...or get my face smashed and go have a drink when it over lol.

    4. It is still Forgeworld. You can say what you want about it, but the name (and the history that goes with that name) is still there.

      If GW officially endorses Forgeworld, then so be it. If they do not, then all the people that cannot win without forgeworld, will just have to figure out how.

    5. How does Coteaz's I've Been Expecting You interact with Flyers coming from reserves? Are nike dunks effected by the rule? Or is it simply deep-strikers and outflankers.

    6. Squall,

      Read his rule - I've Been Expecting You. It's ANY unit that arrives from Reserves, per the clear RAW.

  9. How does Coteaz's I've Been Expecting You interact with Flyers coming from reserves? Are they effected by the rule? Or is it simply deep-strikers and outflankers.

    1. Doesn't his rule simply say it applies to units arriving from reserves?

    2. yes but does this mean he can only shoot the flyer as they come on from the board edge, or does he shoot at fliers that end their zooming movement next to him?

      I've seen people say that it applies and i've seen others say it doesn't so I figure its a worthwhile question because with the abundance of GKs and Necrons its bound to come up.

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