Friday, July 6, 2012

Help the FAQ, Mission, and Rules Process

Just a quick post, with larger one due later with the first primer work, and rules leanings, but please - any major rules discussions, questions, thoughts, etc about sixth and NOVA, go register and post them on the forum:

It's been cleaned up and protected from ye olde bot fest, and is ready for your use to help prep for NOVA. Forums are a better way than blog to track key discussions and sub discussions, etc.
Please also re share there some of your thoughts and questions from the last two major response blog posts (84 & 78 comments is a ton, and I do worry some great points are being missed).
- Mike, back from Amsterdam
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  1. Going to post initial subjects as they are brought up, to encourage participation; discussion is a great way for us to see different viewpoints that we might not internally arrive at:

    Hulksmash: Fortifications in Tournaments

  2. IC's in Allied Vehicles:

    Tyranids getting extra FOC:

  3. Look Out Sir "stuff":

    Eldar Stuff: