Monday, April 2, 2012

Attn: Imperial Guard Players / Players in General Going to AdeptiCon

Hello All,

Just a quick note - if you happen to be going to AdeptiCon already and aren't sure what you're doing on Saturday, we're tentatively looking for a replacement 4th for our team. We have a couple of buddies lined up who are happy to at last minute, but I thought I'd give a shout for any who might be more interested than them.

You'd be playing a guard 1000 point force, and you don't have to bring anything at all, except yourself.

 - Mike


  1. You paying for flights too?

  2. Lolz. No but you can totally play on our team Doc.

  3. Tony Kopach and Mark Ferek will be zee team mates. That's five GT wins and several top placings between your teammates in just the last two years.

    Plus we're nice guys. For serious.

  4. I'm amazed you don't have anyone breaking down the door. You guys were great fun to play last year, and no doubt you'll do well.

    Just not as well as us! Me and Goat, Nick and Jon are heading up to destroy all in our path!

    Or get knocked out early and get all whiney. Guess we'll see...

  5. We've gotten a bunch of emails on it. Just need to "pick" :-/

    We're going with a much more laid back 'tude this year though ... Done real well two years in a row, hoping just to mostly socialize, play some fun warhams, and catch up with rad people like you :)