Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Beer of the, well it's been a while - BEER!

Full Sail Brewing puts out this amazing little sucker called Session Lager.

It's appropriately named.

Let me break this down simply for you - I got a dozen of them for $12 at my local beer purchasing location of choice (Norm's Beer and Wine, in Vienna, VA). This is a high quality craft beer made by a relatively well-regarded craft brewery. It's extremely easy to drink, tastes awesome, and is perfect for hanging out with the buddies sippin' brews or even beer gaming it (b/c honestly, it's cheap!).

Even better, it has "Rock Paper Scissors" under all the bottlecaps, so you can play RPS w/ your friends by checking under the cap of each new bottle.

Plus, the bottles are kinda fun to drink out of ... very Red Stripe-esque, but more laid back. The crafters over at Full Sail have taken care of all the details on making it a "great" party beer, giving it twist-off caps. It's like sacrilege and the miraculous all at once. They should call it Blasphemy, but I think they hit a home run with Session.

Find some of this stuff. It's cheap, easy to drink, very well-made ... and just plain fun. Happy Summer to Me (a little early).


  1. hey i had one of those. it was pretty good

  2. One of my favs, especially as the bbq/grilling season is upon us.

    They make a sessions dark that I tried for the first time this weekend. It's harder to find (only one store locally carries it). Decent brew also, but I think i like the lager more (and if I want a dark beer I'd rather just get a black butte porter or similar).

  3. On behalf of the Full Sail Crew - Thanks for the shout out. Glad you enjoyed our stubby little brew. Cheers and Happy Summer! Sandra, Full Sail

  4. Sandra,

    You can't imagine how stoked I was that you read and posted. I'm a rapidly budding fan of Full Sail, and have been promoting it hard to my buddies and others in the area since first trying it.

    You also owe a shout out, I would think, to Norm's in Vienna, VA ... they "sell" the idea of Session well, and it was hard to resist buying a case and giving it a try - a try I was entirely satisfied by.

    Picking up another couple of cases for a big beach trip coming up ... can't keep the stuff in my fridge!