Friday, July 16, 2010

Warhammer Fantasy for the NOVA Open: Message from Kevin

So, an update on the Fantasy front…

The NOVA Open will be hosting a good number of Fantasy players in addition to all the 40K players. Thirty-two, to be exact, all playing this newest edition of WHFB.

READ FIRST: First and foremost, the big take away from this post is that we are being very lenient on WYSIWYG and painting for Fantasy. There is NO painting requirement for Fantasy, due to 8th edition coming out so recently. As much as I love seeing fully painted armies fielded against each other, I understand everyone’s busy adopting their lists, and I want to encourage that.

Also, as far as proxying is concerned, we will allow for similarly armed models to be counted similarly. What this means is, if you have two units of spearmen you want to be counted as swordsmen, that’s cool (provided you inform your opponent and us ahead of time). If you field two units of spearmen and want one to be counted as spearmen and one as swordsmen, that is not cool. This is to avoid confusion for your opponent. See the difference? Also, base sizes must be the same, for obvious reasons. If you have questions about this, do not hesitate to ask.

On to the Primer…Mike, over the past few months, has done most of the heavy lifting by listening to the animal spirits of the blogosphere, and figuring out what 40K players want to see in a tournament. I only say this to comment that I have totally ripped off Mike’s primer to create a Fantasy primer in a very similar format.

[Link to Primer Here]

The new rulebook, for those that haven’t read it, has six scenarios to randomly choose from. Not exactly a new development, even for Fantasy. Even so, I have worked to adopt three of the scenarios into a workable format for the NOVA Open. These three scenarios also allow for three rotating goals, very similar to what 40K is doing, to determine the winner and bracket placement.

As always, do not hesitate to ask questions and to make critiques. I love getting input on the primer, and about Fantasy in general. Just don’t forget to sign up!

Kevin C.


  1. I understand the painting part... but seeing people show up with entirely unpainted armies is going to be a drag.

    As for WYSIWYG, I personally think this should still be used unless there is not a model created and the person did a 'best attempt' at trying to get there.

  2. (All I have to do is ask for a link? Cool - can you link to Strictly Average?)

    I've got to admit, you've done a great job promoting the Nova. It's driving me nuts waiting to see if I can afford to go. I'm sure by the time I know all the tickets will be sold.

    Just my luck. Regardless - I look forward to hearing about it.

  3. If we're asking for links, is there one to Game Over going begging?