Thursday, February 21, 2013

American Craft Cocktail & American Craft Beer Seminars Possibly Coming to the 2013 NOVA

These are still in the works, but rest assured they're coming ... will likely be evening events Fri/Sat, with limited attendance, hosted in the Presidential Suite. Little bit of love to Dan from Tectonic Craft Studios for the idea, and for his likely support/sponsorship of the Beer Seminar. Whiskey & 40k will be bringing you the Cocktail Seminar.

Anticipate a couple of hours, with the first spent on education, and the second spent on putting your education to work while socializing with fellow gamers. These'll be classed up a little, and not drink-all-you-want bingefests.


  1. This bothers me Mike. I've been holding out going to a NOVA so far, purely because it's impossible for me to take a vacation around that time. Now you get craft beers involved, and I'm supposed to sit by and hold out?

    Pain in the...

  2. Invite me to this.
    It is your destiny.

  3. so, I know beer is basically a precursor to whiskey, but why not have a whiskey or Scotch tasting?

  4. Sounds cool, Mike! I love the whisky seminars at TempleCon, and they do beer and wine seminars too. This should be an excellent addition. If I make it to NOVA this year I'm definitely signing up for this.

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