Tuesday, April 26, 2011

NOVA Updates - New Website Incoming as Well!

Afternoon all,

Some major updates for the NOVA Open, that will be reflected on our new website when it goes live within the week!

Warhammer 40,000
The NOVA Invitational is set at 1,750 points (AND ONLY THE INVITATIONAL)
The NOVA Open GT remains set at 2,000 points
The Team Tournament Primers and Formal Points/Org Settings will release this week

Warhammer Fantasy
Fantasy GT tickets will go live within the week; we'll set the cap at 32-64 players, with 5-6 rounds, split casually on Sat/Sun; this subject to change based upon final scenarios, being produced by the Inner Circle Gaming Club

Malifaux ticket now grants a massively improved suite of events for Malifaux attendees, as follows:
"Through the Breach" - 30ss Malifaux tournament (Players Pack to follow before the end of May)
a. 30ss, declared faction
b.Friday, 10am - 6pm
c. 32 slots

"Bad Things Happen" - Daily Achievement League (Players Pack to follow before the end of May)
a. Achievement based prizes for playing Malifaux games
b. Friday round & Saturday Round

"Bayou Five Card" - Malifaux fixed/unique crew Mega Battle (Players Pack to follow before the end of May)
a. 25ss, declared crew
b. Saturday, 11am - 3pm
c. Rotating game access (to be explained in the players pack)

 "Malifaux Midnight Madness" - Single Elimination Midnight tournament (Players Pack to follow before the end of May)
a. 35 soulstone, fixed faction
b. Saturday/Sunday, Midnight - single elimination
c. 8 slots

Full information on the Malifaux events coming via Bill Anderson sooner than later!  He'll post it up on Whiskey.

Additionally, subtle rumors indicate a major Black Library author may be making a weekend-long appearance amidst a series of events at the NOVA Open 2011 ...


  1. Glad to see the move to 1,750 points. It's my preferred game size and (much more importantly) I think it'll support the game-heavy schedule you've got better than 2K.

  2. Thanks Mike for the updates. After the roaring success of Malifaux at Adepticon, I am glad to see that the Nova Open is expanding their offering too.

    Also, is there any word on a Paint Score Packet for the 40K GT yet?

  3. Glad to see the Malifaux additions. I so want to start playing that game!

  4. A second request for the Paint Score Packet. I want to see how incredibly horrid my models are.

    Any chance the author is A D-B?

  5. A D-B is getting married this summer so I doubt it would be him. But I wouldn't mind it if it was.

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  7. Also if you don't mind can we get an updated list of participants for the nova initational?

  8. The only change is that you've been voted out Nick, sorry!

    Glad to see the update, and enjoying 1750, it's my personal favorite point level.

  9. Thanks for the the update. especially the Fantasy and Malifaux parts.

    The wife and I are really looking forward to this event!

  10. can i use IA books with my team or by mysellf

  11. I'm going to go out on a limb here and say "hell no" lol. IA isn't exactly made for a balanced tournament!

  12. Whats the good word?



  13. So when do you expect a new site up?